Snowy Sunday Stroll

In case you missed any news headline this weekend, the Midwest is getting walloped with snow and frigid cold. 
But we are hearty prairie dwellers. 
Cold, snow, wind are the norms we succumb to each winter. I complain, kick and scream about the cold weather but it doesn’t seem to bother the rest of our clan. 

 Instead of getting pulled in the wagon, pushed in the double stroller or pulled in the bike cart, the girls still get their outdoor strolls in via the sled.
The big teenage brother might be too big for the sled ride but he loves his outdoor activities and is anxiously awaiting to begin snowmobiling. But instead of snowmobiling in the frigid temperatures this weekend, he was busy playing basketball. My parents along with loyal little sister Miss E accompanied her big brother to his tournament this weekend. Even Auntie Lori drove to get in on the tournament action and visited. Our team won in the championship game by three points and our own son was named tournament MVP. It was exciting news that warmed my heart just not my toes…in frigid sub-zero temps.  


  1. Congrats Hunter!! Awesome!!

    R and “boys”

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