Toasty Warm To Frigid Cold

 It’s toasty warm inside the house and the girls are wearing their cozy sweaters. 
Thanks Gma Nola for Miss A’s adorable sweater. We got this for her birthday in July and winter seemed a long, long way off but it has quickly arrived.
Today on the prairie it is frigid, beastly cold for November. We know how to bundle up for the cold.
We have eight inches of fresh, powdery snow. It is peacefully serene outside but the wind is coming soon. It is not a “major” storm but the concern is holiday travel. 
We are hopeful the weather won’t put a wrench into our Thanksgiving plans.
How about you? Are you toasty warm?
I know my friends in the “lower” Midwest told me yesterday it was an Indian Summer there. 
Want to trade for below zero temps and fresh snow?
I didn’t think so.


  1. Oh Lord! It was 75 degrees here yesterday…we got blankets out and played in the yard for 2 hours… 🙂

  2. You got it! Nope! Whenever it feels cold here, I just call home for a little perspective!

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