Peek At The Peaceful, Tranquil Prairie

You might not understand where exactly we live when I say “prairie”.
It’s stunningly native and authentically prairie land.
Not urban. Not necessarily prime tillable farming land. 
It’s ranch land and there is of course plenty of farm land too that generations have farmed. 
I find the vastness of the prairie to be tranquil and peaceful.
I love the prairie and often tell people who inquire “why” we live here that it is the last frontier of tranquility.
The vast land and sky is full of promise and peacefulness to me.
Miss E was excited to take the above picture the other day to show you the prairie grasslands to the west of our house. It is our “back yard”. Gpa Eldon, Daddy and Anika all posed for Miss E’s picture. 
The view of the prairie at her perch is vast as well but full of opportunities. It is mowed because we are going to add a building to it soon. More to come on that soon.
For now I am just smiling at these three generations of smiling faces of the vast prairie that bring peacefulness and tranquility to my hectic working mom morning. 
Share with me. 
What is your favorite tranquil location or spot that you feel more peaceful?
My mom used to tell my three siblings and me when things were crazy busy around the house and my dad was gone she was going to Tahiti as soon as he got home. I never knew where or what Tahiti was but assumed it was a just down the road since she went there as often as she could.
As a teenager I learned that Tahiti was code word for she was going to the fabric store for a little peaceful outing for herself.
She never did end up in Tahiti. Maybe someday my mom and I will take a little peaceful jaunt to Tahiti? For now, my mom still loves her outings to the fabric store and I love the tranquility of my back yard on the peaceful prairie.


  1. oooh…easy for me…camp fitch…right behind our cabent, on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie…especially during sunset!

  2. I just want to go to the bathroom by myself;)

  3. I love the rolling plains between Bismarck and Dickinson. My hubs thinks I’m nutters, but to me, that’s home. Of course, I’m from Williston, so those rugged hills are homey too, but we traveled a lot for sports, so that stretch of 94 always brings me back now that I don’t live in ND anymore.

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