Football Laundry & Prairie Fall Scenes

As a mother of a newly turned teenage boy, I never knew how many times I would be washing a football uniform, specifically scrubbing grass and mud stains from white football pants each week. There is not a parenting book that properly prepares you for laundry, especially teenage boy sports laundry.
I could take over infomercials for the late Billy Mays for Oxi-Clean. 
My Oxi-Clean infomercial could have been live from the prairie at 9:30PM last night, the night before a football game when my son told me he has just thrown his dirty, grungy football uniform on the laundry room floor, needing it clean and dry by morning. 
And of course Oxi-Clean (and the mama doing laundry) came through, delivering a clean and hung to dry uniform by 7AM today. 
Just as I was delivering that clean uniform this morning, I glanced out the window and saw this prairie sky.
I do not have any photo editing software so this is original. 
I went out to the deck, breathed in the fall brisk air and adored the sky for moment while I sipped my hot coffee and snapped this picture. 
I love the prairie sky. 
There are no skyscrapers or hills or trees that prevent me from seeing this sky every day. 
The above is the lake that separates my parent’s farm yard to my grandparent’s farm yard. The road between is about a quarter mile. This past weekend when I was walking by as Miss E plugged along on her bike and I was trying to make sure Anika grabbing a handful of rocks to eat as she walked by me, I stopped to look at the lake. 
The clouds were reflecting in it. It was stunningly beautiful to me. 
You don’t see these scenes in the suburbs of Newark or St. Louis but in the heart of the wide-open prairie we live in the midst of them and I sometimes need to stop, look around and appreciate it more than I do on regular, every day basis.
Now I’m off with my Mustang attired girls to meet up with Nathan and hopefully see a win tonight on the football field! And undoubtedly, Hunter will be wearing a sparkly clean uniform, at least for kick off and then by 9:30PM tonight I will have another date with Oxi-Clean in the laundry room scrubbing off the mud and grass stains, win or lose. 
A win will make the scrubbing more fun though so…
Let’s Go Mustangs!


  1. Love the photos! Beautiful!

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