Before The Snow Flies…

Yesterday I heard from an old local farmer that the last Friday of the month is a good predictor of the next month’s weather. 
The last Friday of August it was about 100 degrees, hot, dry and windy on the prairie.
Today on the North Dakota prairie, it is gray, cloudy, cold…as in 48 degrees and raining. So much for the old farmer’s idea.
My toes are cold. I am wearing slippers and a wool sweater. The furnace is running.
And I am thinking about my to do list of what I need to get done before the snow flies…
Plant bulbs.
Empty and clean out the garden.
Make salsa and tomato sauce.
Clean out closets.
Dig out snow pants, gloves, hats, boots and jackets and buy whatever it is that the kids need that I don’t already have stocked piled away.
The list goes on and on. But a few other things we need to do plenty of before the snow flies includes…
just what the girls and I have done this week when it isn’t raining.
Such as loving the sunshine,
running and playing in the yard,
kicking around balls, 
and enjoying the green grass when and while we have it…and doing it all 
before the
What are you going to do before the snow flies?
Oh, you don’t have snow? 
You don’t live on the prairie?
Well I am sure the above picture makes you want to relocate here right…before the snow flies. 


  1. I am not allowing myself to read anymore references to cold weather and snow 😉 I am thinking positive that this October 9th outdoor ND wedding won’t leave me frozen! It was 75-80 here the past few days. Now it’s 65 and raining….with no end in sight. Boo. Bring bcak the head and humidity, please!!

  2. We do love visiting the snow but to live in it full time is a whole different story, I’m sure! Hope you get everything done on your list before your snow flies:)

  3. So crazy to think snow right now. Our weather forcaster is predicitng 100 temps early next week! And yes is unseasonable even for us. I would however llike some reall fall weather. Makes using the crockpot so much more fun!

  4. We have been talking at school about the rain-how it is depressing to some of us and one gal says it makes her feel refreshed like in the Spring. I opened my classroom window this afternoon and heard a lone meadowlark. The Good Lord knew I needed that to improve my attitude and pretend it is springtime rains instead of what is to come too soon!!! God Bless,Dorine

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