Canning Spicy Dilly Beans

I set out on a canning adventure this weekend. With rows of green beans and wax beans and more pickings to come, it was time I found a new way to preserve garden beans other than just eating them daily and freezing them. Enter, Spicy Dilly Beans. Crunchy, dill pickled beans with zest and spice. […]

Easy steps on how to can cherries

Does canning sound like a lot of work? But you like the idea of it? Until last summer, I had watched my grandma and mom can and freeze but I had never done it myself. I was inspired by my blog friends,  Amy of a Latte’ with Ott, A and Jen of Mess Hall to Bistro. […]

Time Saving & Easy: Anybody Can Freeze Fruit

My mom bought me two lugs of peaches. They are ripe now and needed some love and attention last night. Via a Twitter conversation, I was given these instructions. I closely followed them and also called my Grandma Nola to confirm what I was doing was on track. She has used her home economics degree […]