Happy Home Anniversary

Two years ago today, we loaded up our boxes (again) and moved into our unfinished but livable new house.  See here where we were then.
The move and the house both were huge steps for us. Just eleven months earlier we had jumped off the corporate wheel, took a drastic cut in income, loaded up boxes and moved west deep into the prairie for a family life we felt would be best for Hunter and our future children. It was not the easy or most comfortable choice. The decision forced us to step into unchartered waters in many areas of our life. Nathan left a successful career job with ample opportunities ahead of him. Hunter left the best Christian school environment we could dream of for our children. I left the comfort of my office, co-workers and friends. Oh and we left all conveniences behind…Starbuck’s and Target. We double downsized and moved into a small rental home on the prairie…for $300 a month! Despite money saved, two incomes and good credit, our financing fell through but our local bank stepped in to help us. We broke ground on our new house on our wedding anniversary in late October with Elizabeth Carolyn Jane entering our lives that December. We have been blessed in every step of our journey of change. 
We could have never known all the change that the past few years would bring and how every detail  would perfectly fall into place. Sometimes a detail we think we not be working out but in the big picture we would later understand why things were happening and see our life coming together in an even better way than we had dreamed. It was not by accident. It has been an answer to prayers and confirmed over and over again for us that we made the right decision by moving to the prairie. 
For our children, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.  
For our small business and community. 
For the prairie.
It was and remains the best decision.
Tonight I am celebrating the long, long hours, days, nights and weekends my husband and father-in-law worked to build our house. It cemented our prairie life. The house put our roots into the ground as a family on the prairie. 
After just two short years, the red house on the prairie is our forever home. 

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