Standing strong

In the midst of round two (me), three (Anika) and four (Nathan) of the horrid icky flu at our house, yesterday Anika pulled herself up to stand.
She was sick herself but showed us how she can stand strong by pulling herself up numerous times on different things. I just finally ran to get the camera to document it so we wouldn’t forget. Her favorite is the little piano because her sister taught her to play it. Although Elissa says “Anika you like MY piano?”
Anika spent Sunday and part of today in her jammies. She is on the mend now. A major change beyond her new love of pulling herself up to stand is getting into everything and emptying it. Finding books or toys are favorites!
She will crawl anywhere to get to what and where she needs. 
And I’m always happy when it is me she is looking for with her sweet face. 
The other one standing very strong in our family is Hunter James who has avoided the flu thus far. Thankfully my parents were able to take him to his first ever basketball tournament in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area this past weekend. He played on a new team with different players except for his Lightning teammate, Zachary. Due to the distance we live from the rest of the team, Hunter had just one practice with them before playing three games this weekend. The highlight was they WON the championship. 
As we were in the trenches of battling the flu, my mom kept us posted throughout each game with scores and highlights via text messaging. She then sent the above picture after the championship. 
In upcoming tournaments the team will move up from Division II to Division I and face even more challenging competition. It is an huge understatement to say Hunter is excited. Somehow we still need him to focus on school, the fact that indeed he needs to practice his piano and yes even empty the dishwasher. But we are extremely proud of our basketball playing boy.
Regarding our bouts of flu, our house has been disinfected so many times with oodles of loads of laundry completed. Every piece of bedding and towel has been washed in hot water. Every surface wiped down with Clorox. Every garbage can, sink, toilet, disinfected and cleaned. Every door knob, light switch, you name it…it is clean and sanitary. I hope and pray that flu bug is gone and dead.
Nathan has suffered the worst through our flu bout. More about that tomorrow. 
For now I am thankful for our snotty nosed but otherwise healthy sleeping kiddos and a hydrated with normal temperature and stable blood pressure, not vomiting husband, also now sleeping…husband.
Time for me to finally catch some sleep!


  1. Goodness!! I am so sorry you 3 got the flu. We had it here a few weeks ago. Isaac was the one throwing up and all that goes with that. But Ry and I felt a bit uneasy and Olivia complained of a stomach ache. Isaac was really the only one that got it really bad. I hope and pray that Elizabeth and Hunter don’t get sick either. Praying for a speedy recovery for the rest of you.

  2. Oh, good grief! I’m glad Nathan is on the mend! Anika is too cute for words!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thinking of you guys. The flu is no fun…looking forward to seeing you this weekend??? For sure the next weekend in Jamestown…

    Was excited to hear about Hunter’s basketball tournament from Robbie this weekend. How fun!! Yeah for Hunter!!

    Hope to see you soon…..Love- R

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