Small town summertime parade

A true representation of rural America is a local summer celebration. It was a neighboring town’s 125th jubilee event this past weekend. When I started to photograph my husband, father in law and son coming down Main Street on Saturday morning I was fighting back a few tears. Of course I am emotional in this very pregnant state but it was a moment that I was filled with pride to see them all together. As they passed, I could hear the music of local bands, the sounds of antique tractors and vintage cars and children squealing as they ran for candy that was being thrown. It was an All-American small town moment.
Following the parade, we found the best cheeseburgers, cheese curds, mini donuts and malts. (And then I took four Gaviscon but it was worth a little heart burn!)
Hunter gearing up to throw a Tootsie pop to his sister.

Big waves from Hunter, Gpa Eldon and Daddy who was driving

First Tootsie Pop

Nana and Miss E trying not to lose the exciting balloon


  1. Oh, my! Miss E looks so cute in her litte Polka-Dot dress! Yes, what a sweet glimpse into small-town america! Glad to see you’re enjoying the summer!

    We’re ready for the email annoucing the arrival of the newest little P anytime!!!

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