The importance of harvest meals

If you’re not from a farm, you might not know “harvest meals.” But let me take you back to what was a century ago with real-life memories of harvest meals from my 111 year-old great-aunt Iris. Through the pictures I’ve shared below you will see modern-day agriculture where farms are still run by families who […]

Garden planting with fresh hail

Miss A did a little garden dance as we planted the garden this week. She even wore her pumpkin socks under her pink boots for growing luck to her pumpkin seeds. Miss E has a green thumb…for about four minutes at a time. She was very excited for garden planting, more excited than my dear […]

Don’t throw dirt

We are raising girls that dig in and aren’t afraid of a little dirt and hard work. But they are competitive. Miss E was planting “her” garden the other night with pink petunias and white and purple pansies. She was mess making but happy as can be in the dirt. As I snapped a photo, […]