3 reasons to purchase a hog on Twitter

We were headed to the #140conf Small Town in Hutchinson, Kansas. Val of Wag Farms, my prairie mama soul sister who I met via Twitter. It was a long straight highway from the North Dakota prairie that my prairie mama girlfriend, Val and I were traveling together all the way to Kansas to both share […]

Crock Pot Turkey & Bacon 3 Bean Chili

On week nights if we aren’t pulling out a meal from the freezer from one of my many “make ahead meals“, we are eating supper from the Crock-Pot…actually ours is Betty Crocker brand and it’s a “slow cooker” I suppose. Our meals are not fancy. They feed hungry people. But last week as I dumped a […]

Chicken Bacon Ranch & BBQ Chicken Pizzas

We don’t have McDonald’s within 90 miles of us on the prairie but we do have pizza. Friday nights are often pizza nights at our house. Sometimes it is from one of our two local pizza shops. Often I make pizza at home though for the sake of cost. Our hungry like a pack of wolves […]