Organic & Conventional Farmer,Mom & Foster Parent, Carolyn Olson

Do you know a farmer that is an organic and a conventional farmer, one that embraces different systems to fit personal farming choices? Carolyn Olson, originally a city girl from Champlin, Minnesota, turned Cottonwood, Minnesota farmer is just that, an organic crop farmer and conventional hog farmer. She explains her farming choices below in her […]

Women in Ag: Jane Huso Lukens from GriggsDakota

What defines you? Who has been influential in cultivating that definition?  There is one woman who has been that force in my 35 years of life more than any other person in the world. 1981, photography by Ron and Toni Jacobson She is an introvert. I’m an extrovert. I inherited my dad’s personality, but she […]

Women in Ag: Arizona & California’s Caitlin Antle Wilson

Who grows the pack of lettuce you bought this week at your grocery store? There’s a good chance it is grown by a multi-generational farming family in the heart of the Salinas Valley of California or near Yuma, Arizona. Working daily in her family’s farming business is Caitlin Antle Wilson, a next generation of women […]