What if your farm or small town disappeared?

What if your farm or small town disappeared? If you wanted to show your grandkids where you grew up, would the house still be standing? What about your school and church—those places that gave you roots during your developmental years? One Saturday not too long ago, my mother-in-law, Carol, had the idea to take a […]

I am not a farm widow

I’m not a farm widow. This time of year when the tractors and planters start rolling in our area farm fields I start hearing from a few lonely spouses and the “farm widow” chatter starts picking up on social media. “Farm widow” refers to a spouse, often a wife, left at home while her farmer-husband is […]

Farmers’ choices produce food choices

Do you ever think about your food choices as you walk your grocery store aisles? I do. After returning from an Easter road trip to Colorado to see my sister and her family, a visit to our one and only local grocery store was in order. In addition to family meals, I had volunteered to […]