Winds of change with prairie living

The winds of change are blowing through the prairie this week. My carpooling friend of the past five plus months is making a change for her family, sticking close to home after tomorrow. I will hugely miss our conversations, laughs, cries and weekly solving life’s highs and lows. For five months my carpooling friend has been my sidekick, a true Godsend during a time of transition in my life. From now on when I commute to work, it will be just me, on the prairie with the horses, cows and fences.

But the best reward after driving by horses and cows behind their fences after a long day is that I am home. The North Dakota prairie is home. 

At home, the girls have found riding bike inside the little unfinished cabin on the prairie is great entertainment. With the winds of change blowing through the prairie, the training wheels are coming off for Miss E this weekend. She already knows she can ride without them. One thing about Miss E, she does not lack perseverance.

 Miss A is closing in on age three. She doesn’t lack perseverance either. And with the winds of change, she reminds me daily she’s still “yiddle” (little) but will be a “big” soon.

 Our baby girl is growing up at a faster rate than I ever seem to remember life moving.

But prairie living is good and I’ll treasure the moments through the winds of change. 
Instagram capture: How did I get so short while wearing heels next our oldest child?
The winds of change have left us without seeing much of our teenager lately. From driver’s education to basketball to baseball and this week to State FFA, we are reminded life is hectic for our son. But the rewards are great. He snapped a picture of the two of us last night after I completed judging agriculture communications at State FFA and stopped by his dorm before departing. His contests, Agriscience Fair and Dairy Foods are complete for the week. The reward? He received a top award in his division at the agriscience fair and will wear his blue jacket to National FFA this fall. 
The winds of change blow through the prairie. Change brings growth. Growth is good.
Happy Friday! We are going to soak in sunshine this weekend, catch some walleye and take a couple lazy afternoon naps. Oh and fold some clothes too. The winds of change don’t seem to deliver a laundry fairy.
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  1. Katie, the “winds of change” is a never ending progression. You are right change brings growth and growth is good. I think growing pains build character.

    Love the horse picture and the 2nd to the last picture of your Hubby and youngest daughter is priceless!

    Hope the fish are biting!

  2. As much as I dislike wind of any sort, the change it brings with it isn’t always bad! Living on the ND prarie you sure know about the wind from the weather and the change it brings, very nice how you put it into your life perspective.

  3. happiness to your former carpool buddy and her family. 🙂

  4. Yes things are always changing… lovely picture of the horses!

  5. Lovely views of the prairie.

  6. the horses are just gorgeous. love that shot so much. (:

  7. Nice post, Katie. And yes, that laundry fairy seems elusive, no matter where in the world we live. I guess she’s too busy folding clothes…somewhere in the world. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Great post, lovely family you have! My boys are taller than me as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing today,

  9. Beautiful post.

    I really enjoyed hearing from you at the Online Marketing Conference.

    You’re a wonderful speaker and writer.

  10. The one thing that is ever present in this post are smiles — change must agree with you and your family, because you all look very happy.

    Congats to your son for getting his jacket. That’s wonderful. 🙂

  11. I like the looks of your country. That second photo really appeals to me.

  12. Sounds like life on the prairie is good.

  13. Catch a mess of walleye and eat some for me, please!

  14. You have a lovely family! Nice pics

  15. The horses seem to want to move beyond the fence. They appear to be looking with great longing at something in the distance.

    Cathedral Fence

  16. The winds of change always turn out to be a good thing. Congrats to your son. My daughters used to ride their bikes in our house while we were building too. You have a lovely family. Catch some fish relax just maybe there is a laundry fairy maybe you just have to believe:) B

  17. nice and quite…

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