Eclipse on the North Dakota prairie

The North Dakota prairie gave us a beautiful sunset tonight with the annular solar eclipse. Hunter was driving. Yes, he drives now. I was a passenger with my Canon Rebel in the center console of the vehicle. He said, “Mom, you want me to pull over right?” We pulled over to take in the beauty. These two captures don’t do it an ounce of justice for the beauty that it was. The air was cool but calm. Birds were singing, quacking, cackling and calling. The wind had stopped.

Together along the side of Highway 13 on the North Dakota prairie, Hunter and I watched the solar eclipsed sunset in silence. Some moments are worth pulling over for to capture and remember.
Did you see any part of the solar eclipse?
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  1. I’d heard about this forthcoming event, wrote it on my calendar because I love stuff like this, and thought about it at the time it was supposed to take place. I heard 6:30 to 8:30. We were at a graduation party until 7 and nothing happened. And we kept waiting, but nothing. I was inside on a phone call from 7:30 to almost 9. So perhaps that’s when it happened. I’m so glad you captured it, Katie.

  2. i didn’t even look!

  3. I didn’t see any of it. You have some beautiful captures!

  4. Didn’t see any of it so thanks for sharing with us! :o)

  5. Hi Katie! I received a little blog love from Jamie @ Cows, Corn and Country Girls. And wanted to pass it on to you! Hope you’re week on the prairie is off to a great start!

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