Treasure Hunting with a 3 year old

I live 100 miles from a shopping mall but that doesn’t mean we can’t find treasures on the rural prairie. Early Saturday morning, Miss E and I got up in the dark and were out the door before sunrise. We didn’t drive to a mall. We weren’t dressed in blaze orange to kick off deer hunting like the few others that were driving on the highway.

Instead, we drove an hour to meet my friend Karla who was visiting her husband’s hometown for the weekend where Karla had told me there was the best “barn sale”. A local woman refinishes and refurbishes auction sale finds and sells them twice a year. Karla had warned it was a mad rush to get the best deal.

Therefore, we met early to eat a big breakfast to get ready for our treasure hunting. Miss E needed bacon. She believes like me that everything is better with bacon. (All photos were taken on my horrid old Blackberry. iPhone upgrade I hope is pending.)

Karla and Miss E await

We were in line by 9:36AM and doors opened at 10AM. The sale is no longer held in the woman’s barn anymore and standing indoors in this line was much better for all.

The line up was tremendous. By the time the doors opened there was a mad rush of 60 plus people, 99% of them women, flying through the doors. It’s a tag sale. You rip the tag off an item you want and one of the women working the sale quickly writes your name on the item.

The ladies were aggressive. I dashed after a bench and I didn’t know where E was for a moment until I caught her pink coat in the corner of my eye.

Miss E knew this was a treasure hunting race and sought out to find a few treasures of her own. She wasn’t going to get left out of the action.

She claimed her find by sitting on it! A sweet little white roll top desk with a swivel chair. It’s adorable and now has a home in her bedroom.

We found more treasures. I can’t share them ALL at once but here’s another photo from my phone of one other treasure…

The bench is now in between our living and dining rooms. It’s cozy, unique and our own newly found treasure, 100 miles from a shopping mall while being fueled by bacon. I think Miss E and I have established a new treasure hunting tradition that we will be doing annually.

Where do you find treasures?

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  1. too cute. fueled by bacon. 🙂

  2. Love this type of sale and can only say that I wish I could have gone with you! Nice finds!

  3. ohhh…sounds like fun. not the up before sun up though 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! That desk is adorable! You make this a tradition…and in a few years, when the boys can fend for themselves and I can have things that are breakable again, I will go with you. I am a BEAST when it comes to auctions and finds! 😉

  5. How fun!! The desk that Miss E picked is adorable – nice find!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  6. That little desk is so cute!

  7. We definitely need to make it an annual tradition!! I still love that bench, it was made for you.
    Thanks for the fun day!

  8. I love a good flea market. I missed our family’s annual Father’s Day trip to the Flea Market over the summer, but here’s hoping that wherever I end up living someday has a strong flea market culture!

  9. Oh, I love sales like that! I totally scored a few weeks ago at a yard sale:

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