What the woman on the plane said to me

Do you ever talk to the person next to you an airplane?
This week I had a professionally dressed woman on the inside of me, looking over at my pictures on the plane on my computer. I turned to her and smile. 
She made some comments about “cute kids” and if they were mine or not. 
I said, “yes and thank you.”
She started saying she had four grown children now and asked me where I live. I explained rural North Dakota. 
I often 
I travel frequently and 90% of the time, I am silent. If I do talk to someone it is usually they asking me a question and the conversation is short. I am not being rude. I am a communicator. I like to visit. But on an airplane, I am sleeping, unwinding or working. I don’t talk to strangers. 
That’s a bit of an oxymoron for me to say since I actually met my husband via a meeting of his colleague on an airplane. 

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