My Mom Teaches How To Make Homemade Hair Bows

My mom is an artist. She is creative. She is a seamstress.
She doesn’t want to be known as crafty. But she really knows how to make hair bows for her granddaughters. 
Actually, I had bows in my hair made by her decades ago. 
The night before Easter, I showed my mom the dresses I had bought from Etsy for the girls. Unfortunately, they weren’t as high quality as my mom’s sewing. She had to fix them with some stitching. But fortunately, she pulled through as always and showed me how she could make hair bows to match the Etsy dresses.
She just magically went to her sewing room and we came upstairs with the perfect ribbon and rickrack. 
Then began my personal tutorial…

She gave a thorough tutorial and did her best to teach me. 
But I mostly took pictures. Some things never change.
I did more listening and watching then doing.
I am not very creative, artistic or crafty.

I should have paid more attention as a child to my mom’s sewing and projects.
Now as a mother of young girls, whether they like hair bows or not, I love the bows in my girl’s hair. I realize I should learn to make them. The evening of hair bow making with my mom made me relish in her talents and I paid attention more as an adult than ever before.

It was mostly because I don’t get a Saturday night alone to sit with my mom like we were often enough.

Maybe I’ll be a hair bow making mom or maybe not…

but I know someone who can teach you.

I also know two little girls who appreciate and love their “Mama Jane hair bows”.
They also love their deliveries of custom hair bows that Mama Jane sends them too. 
Now are you inspired to whip up hair bows? 
Click and learn from my GriggsDakota mom how to make hair bows and clips in her tutorial.
What sort of sewing, creative, artistic and crafty skills do you have? 
Or are you like me who depends on others like my mom and (strangers on) Etsy to come through on projects? 


  1. Your mom sure is a beautiful lady, and she passed that beauty on down to her girls as you have to yours!

  2. Oh my your mother is beautiful!!! And those bows are cute too. Haha. Thanks for the hints! I’ve always been majorly challenged when it came to bows. Of any sort.

  3. I love photography, but I am not crafty like this! This is a great skill to have with two little girls around.

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