Thankful For The Helicopter Overhead

There isn’t a military invasion or even a drill on the rural prairie when we hear the sound of a helicopter. A famous diplomat is not about to land for a visit. 
 Instead it signs there is a medical emergency on the prairie.
The helicopter swoops in from the big town 100 miles away and lands on the town street directly in front of our local hospital.
Upon its departure, it flies directly over our home.
 And while we never want medical emergencies, yesterday the sound and sight of the helicopter flying directly over our house gaves me a sense of security and peace. Our family has personally experienced accidents on the rural and remote prairie. I have shared before about waiting in the emergency room nearly eleven years ago while my brother was incoming on an ambulance after a farm accident. It was a rural volunteer ambulance squad that saved my brother’s life. 
Yesterday I don’t know who was taken away in the helicopter or why but I said a prayer for them as they flew overhead. 
Whether it is a volunteer ambulance, a helicopter or the commitment of the thousands who keep rural healthcare going for us…
we are thankful for rural healthcare on the prairie. 

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