Is March in like a lion or lamb?

Is March in like lion today or instead a lamb? March snowfall on the prairie can be bigger than any of the winter we’ve had. But the beauty of spring snow and blizzards is that it melts and brings our season of mud, then sunshine and spring. Even if March goes out like a lion in a month, we’ll be anticipating spring with roar ourselves. 

 The girls have spring fever. Miss E prefaced questions yesterday with “When the snow melts…can we go to the park?” or “When the pool is open again…can we go to swimming lessons?” There isn’t an indoor swimming pool or indoor playground on our rural prairie. 
 Instead our basement is where we play like March lions and lambs…
until the prairie thaws, warms and we can play at the park or the local swimming pool.
I diligently ordered vegetable seeds while it was well below zero in temperature this past weekend. We will start the seeds in April indoors with the kids so we can be hopeful of planting a May garden. It seems like a long way off but it’s our “seeds” of spring to be hopeful for today.
What are you doing to burn off some pent up spring fever?


  1. Cute little ‘critters’ you have there! 🙂 We’re getting our spring here – almost time to fire up the lawn mower. Yippee!!!

  2. March is roaring here in GA. Everything is getting green so fast, lawn mowers, ranking and yes; I’ve noticed the kids in Church are stir crazy.

  3. I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t say March came in like a lion, at least in Bismarck. The wind is n-a-s-t-y! But at least I got to look at some adorable children enjoying life to remind me that, this too, shall pass!

  4. Nice that they have the basement to burn off some energy. March has arrived like a lamb here in Kentucky. If it snows this month, I might just die….

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