Ocean view or Frozen Prairie?

After wrapping up a few days of work-related training sessions and meetings, my colleagues, client and I ventured to Cannery Row in Monterey, California last night before everyone departed in different directions home.
I am headed home to the frozen prairie where I won’t see flowers outside our home like this until June.

And some things of the California coast we will never see on the prairie, whether frozen or thawed.

While the ocean view is lovely…
 I have important things to do home on the prairie like kids to squeeze and “homemade” apple pie to eat just for me.
 I trade in my ocean view today for the frozen prairie.

So I can go home.
What’s your favorite thing about home? 
And what truly defines your home? The location, the people or a combination of both?


  1. I’ve lived in 5 states in 7 years and I’ve learned that home is definitely where family is. I can live anywhere as long as I have someone I love there with me.

    Great photos! Your frozen prairie is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I would say it’s definitely a combination of both. While home will always be where my family is, there is a part of me that truly feels at home now that we’re living in the country. I’m truly blessed.

    Welcome home!


  3. Looks like you had a good night in Monterey, although it looked a little chilly, was it?
    No doubt your family will be waiting up for you tonight to receive that special ‘squeeze’ from their very much missed mommy:)
    Safe travels.

  4. Monterey was chilly for the locals last night but lovely for prairie dwellers. Excited to be home in frigid temps but in warm house full of happy kids and a husband is definitely home on the prairie.

  5. I have no doubt you’re happy to be home with that lovely family, no matter what the season. 🙂 I’d rather be home than anywhere else in the world.

  6. hmm that is a really hard question and the answer is even harder.
    Home = The Netherlands
    But not really because
    Home = also The States
    Family = here (husband, mom, dad, brother
    But not really because
    Family = The Netherlands (little sister)
    Also most of my friends are still back there although i have met some wonderful new friends here too…

    So i think i have to think about that question some more and maybe i can give you a better answer soon…?

    Thanks for the post and lovely pics!


  7. Having grown up in several different areas of California as my dad is a cowboy and we lived on different ranches, I must say that I have an attachment to all of them, however home is where ever I am living with my husband. Good friends really help seal those feelings in concrete and make them permanent.
    People have always asked me why I married a farmer and not a cowboy–I just realized that maybe it’s so that I didn’t have to move again!

  8. Beautiful pictures! And what a lovely family you have! My favorite part about being home is deffinately the people. I adore my family! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  9. Gorgeous! I love the central coast in general and I think Carmel and the scenery just south of it (on the PCH) has to be one of my MOST favorite places in the entire world. Here is my post after traveling there a couple years ago:

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