The Men of the House

Our teenager once was a little boy…not really that long ago. 
But…our boy is no longer little. 
He is as tall as the man of our house.
Which can mean only one thing…we have MEN of the house now.
One big fat tear just hit my keyboard. 
Cherish every moment because indeed it goes by faster than you can ever dream it will.
Boys become men. At least they grow to be as big as men. But our boy is thankfully not a man yet. He’ll always be our boy actually. 
Last night our boy had so many rebounds in his team’s basketball game he almost had as many as I am old. It was a tremendous team win. And we were proud…of our boy.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Our “boy” continues to grow as he approaches his 21st birthday! He is now 6″8″ plus!! Where he gets it, guess it must have been a few generations back!!! Thankfully his shoe size is literally the same since he was in 9th grade. Compared to the rest of him, they do not seem big at all!!! No matter how big they get, they never tire of Momma’s hugs and lovin’,even when they go through a time of acting like they do!!! God Bless You guys!! DKM

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the photo,Katie- so awesome- and did wipe a few tears myself thinking about my own big boys.

    Love you guys- R and boys

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