Mommy Daughter Prairie Walk & Toss

The days are getting shorter on the North Dakota prairie but the fall like weather remains beautiful. Cooler evenings forewarn us of the weather that is just around the corner. Soon we’ll be bundling up and not running in the hayfield. Knowing that, we have been taking as many evening walks as we can. 
Last night Miss E and I walked out into the oats and alfalfa field just to the west of our house, leaving the camera behind us with Nathan. He snapped a few pictures.
When E is tired and no longer wants to walk she says, “Oh Mommy, I am so BUSY!” 
“You mean you are tired?” I say.
“Yes, tired and busy.” Miss E
We have had this conversation numerous times and it still makes me chuckle.
An evening prairie walk is never complete with out a big toss in the air. 
If I toss a 36 lb. two year old into the air enough maybe it will account for some strength training and tone up my untoned body that can’t seem to exercise in the morning anymore? That’s my plan, at least for today. Prairie walks and tosses are much more fun than 5:30AM dates with myself on the elliptical machine. Don’t you agree? 


  1. Wow! You’ve got some guns to haul up your 36 pounder like that! I’m impressed….I don’t think I could do that with my 34 pounder:)

  2. Totally agree. Prairie walks over elliptical at that ungodly hour anytime 🙂

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