A Wooded Prairie Walk

We managed to nestle ourselves in the woods this weekend…
while still staying near home on the prairie. It sounds like an oxymoron. Trees and the prairie do not go hand in hand together. But if you stay close enough to the Missouri River, it is beautifully wooded. 
Last night Miss Elizabeth and I walked through the woods towards the river. It was quite warm but we had long sleeves on to protect us from mosquitoes. 
We threw rocks. No matter where we walk, E always needs to throw rocks. She has discus throwing in her jeans and indeed she is practicing at age two. 
We climbed on the rocks.
We rested on the rocks.
We even became prairie tree huggers…in a literal sort of way.
This was Elizabeth’s favorite spot along our walk. She would have played in between these two trees for hours. But I told her it was time for us to walk back to our camp fire to eat s’mores. 
So she directed me and wanted to take my picture in the same spot between the trees.
I obliged, leaving my perch from behind the camera to have E take my picture. She was boastfully proud of her portrait of me. She might end up being a discus throwing photographer. 
When we turned back to walk in the woods back to our camp, it was one of those moments I wanted to brand into my memory. A perfect wooded prairie walk with my gleeful, carefree little girl on Saturday night in July. Life is good. Life is really good.


  1. Looks beautiful. What a fun walk!!

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