Pothole on the prairie

We live on the drift prairie, on the Missouri Plateau, otherwise known termed by our own state tourism department as “The Prairie Pothole Region”. Go ahead you can chuckle now. I agree that term doesn’t scream “tourism” to me but it is the best birding area of the world (at least I think it should be branded that way to attract tourists!), both for bird watchers/ gazers and game bird hunters. A few miles from our home is a little pothole prairie lake that is just the perfect little family getaway for us.
What does a pothole prairie lake look in early April? 
Hunter ran to see. Actually he jogged from our vehicle when we drove out there yesterday.
The ice is leaving the lake. As you can see it is very different than lakes you think of nestled in the woods of Minnesota, which is what I grew up around and definitely miss at times. 
However we love our pothole prairie lake, its close proximity to our home and the summer recreation it provides. And for Charlie dog it provides year round recreation!
 Hunter loves our prairie lake year round for fishing in the summer, ice fishing in the winter and even still rocking on the duck at the park. The duck might not enjoy him though.
While it is not summer at the lake yet and yes the girls are still wearing warm winter coats, we indeed love our pothole on the prairie. With the ice leaving the lake and the snow almost melted, we are dreaming of summer…fishing, camping and family fun in the middle of the prairie. In my second career, I am going to promote this area, attract a few selected tourists to visit that are passionate about prairie life and birding. Until then, we like its serenity, peacefulness and nothingness that our family can take advantage of…in the “Prairie Pothole Region”. Still makes me laugh.
(Sidenote: Auntie Lori holding Anika…do you see a resemblance? Most definitely so!)

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