Hunk of Meat Monday: Venison Stew Recipe

Today you get to hear from Jennifer, deep in the heart of New Mexico, where she blogs from Tales of a Ranchers Wife. She’s a city girl turned ranch wife that hunts dove, deer, goose, duck and more and loves to cook for her family. Find her on Facebook and be sure to read her […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Cajun Kraut Casserole

At times I probably should be embarrassed at the concoctions I create to feed my family compared those cooks around me but often I pull off a crowd pleaser. My crowd happens to be a hungry teenager, an easy to please husband and two busy young girls, not exactly food snobs. If needed I can […]

Garden Tomato Venison or Beef Chili

I managed to grow bushels and bushels of tomatoes this year with little to no care or tomato growing skills. They were planted late, displaced, relocated from landscaping and still survived. As temperatures cooled in September I picked box loads of green tomatoes and left them to ripen in the mud room. Little did I […]