North Dakota Winter Sunrise


It has been a long winter, no  matter where you are located in America. But there is something about a new day that brings renewal. Today as I put plates of potatoes and eggs on the table for our teenager and kindergartner for breakfast, I glanced towards the east. Rising over the ever important utility poles that bring electricity to our prairie was the morning sun, breaking through the horizon and finally putting us over the donut. 

Not the donut that is sugar-coated, the donut of zero degrees. We are finally well on our way to above zero, maybe even above freezing temperatures today. The days are longer and soon to be warmer. It’s a fresh start, a new day and one I am thankful for today on the North Dakota prairie. NorthDakota_prairie_winter_sun


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    I am so looking forward to spring! It was 64 degrees in our area of Texas yesterday, a drastic change from last week’s 19 degrees. I was able to take my dogs outside and play. I think I caught a little bit of spring fever. :)

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