What I want for my daughters…through pictures

This morning, one of my best friends, my first college roommate, a bridesmaid in our wedding, lost her mom to cancer. Her mom has been her guide, her advocate, her friend, her help and loved her like all children should feel loved by their mom. And early this morning, I laid in my bed and sobbed. Nathan had left early for his office after bringing our son, Hunter to an early morning school event. The girls were still sleeping. The house was silent except for my heaves to catch my breath in between my tears. My eyes burned. My throat was tight. I let the tears just pour down my face in the dark. I thought about a daughter losing a mother, like my friend did today.

Through some recent pictures of our two young daughters, this is what I want for my daughters to know. When I leave this earthly life someday, someday in the far, far future my prayer is they know this from me…IMG_1560We are cheering for you. We pray for your success daily.

IMG_1634Generations of our family love you. Let their example guide you.

IMG_1886Step out in life with confidence in your abilities and live with passion.

IMG_1943Aim high.

IMG_2109Be bold and go where others may not have gone yet.

IMG_1987Stand tall and firm for what you believe in.

IMG_2009Never settle for anyone that does not love you, empower you, encourage you, honor you and treat you with the respect like your daddy does to me. Follow the example you have been taught to treat others the way you want to be treated.

IMG_2157This is your house. It is a house that Daddy and Grandpa Eldon built but it is each of you and your brother that fill it with the joy, laughter and life the makes it our home. We will launch you from it someday to take on your life goals. You can always return.

IMG_1670The road of life is long at times. It has potholes, bumps and turns. Stand firm in your faith and follow. Keep your eyes on the goals ahead of you. God has a plan that you cannot always know or see. Faithfully follow the path He has set for you.

IMG_2033I am your mother. I am your advocate. I am not always right. I fail. I do the best I can. Most important, I love you more than I ever knew I could love anyone on this earth.

When I am gone, know that my life on this earth was complete because of God giving me you, your siblings, your daddy and our entire family.


Throw off all holds you back and chase your dreams and goals in life. Daddy and I are always supporting you…and even watching from the window when you don’t know or someday even from heaven. Thank you dear daughters. Your future is bright. Your choices and options are greater than any woman from any generation of our family before you. Live and love life with passion. Live and love life like there is no tomorrow.


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    Awesome, Katie, just Awesome! Your words are authentic and passionate. Your kids have a great role model and mother to encourage them, pick them up when they fall and help them find the tools they need to succeed.

    Your words are inspiring for all of us.

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    I don’t have a daughter but if I did, this would be wonderful to say to her. You had me tearing up and feeling like a strong motivated woman. Thank you!

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    Beautiful post, Katie. I have three daughters of my own and wish for the same things for them. We raise our girls to believe in themselves and to always want to use their talents to make a difference in the world.

    I recently spoke to a group of young women at the University of Lincoln. They asked me what I believed was most important in life. To this question I responded, “When my life is over and I leave this world, I do not want to have any part of myself left. I want to have used all of my gifts and talents in order to have made a positive difference.” It sounds to me that your friend’s mother lived by the same philosophy.

    Prayers and thoughts are with you and all those who must say goodbye to a loved one. Cherish the memories and live by her example–by doing that you honor her life and her love.


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    I love this. I started journals for each of my girls while I was pregnant with them. I am in no way consistent in my entries, but grab them and write whenever I feel the need. I hope that they will one day bring comfort and encouragement to them as well.

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