How to make a diaper cake for a baby shower

You asked and so I will tell you how we made the diaper cake for the shower a few of my friends and I threw for another friend and her new baby boy. The creative and crafty all the way to the uncrafty folks like myself can pull this project off with class and glamour, as glamourous as a tower of diapers in the shape of a tiered cake can be.

I followed two blog posts as tutorials, both from Homemade by Jill. First I looked at this tutorial and a second tutorial to actually see photos and lists of what to buy and have on hand.
What I actually used was:
  • 30″ x 30″ cut plywood board. You could use cardboard for a base.
  • 1 yard of fabric that was stapled to the board as a base. You don’t need fabric for a base. We just did this for added color.
  • 1 2’x4′ wood block, screwed to the center of the plywood fabric covered base.
  • NOTE: the center wood block was too tall.
  • I would recommend a mailing tube. We used some empty wrapping paper tubs and also put large bottles of Baby Magic and baby wash in the center to put the diapers around which creates a center for you to work from.
 You need:
  • Rubberbands (clear are better than the regular we used)
  • Diapers. You need at least 80 for an average size cake I was told by a few friends. I bought a case at Sam’s Club which was Size 2 and 186 count for our huge cake.
  • Twine. We used twine to tie the layers all around together and hold better and covered later in ribbon.
  • Decorations for your “theme”.
  • Ribbon, paper cuts, photos, toys and something as a cake topper
  • Pins or a hot glue gun or both.
  • Scissors

Wrap all the diapers. We put the design on the diaper to the inside and then put a rubberband over each diaper. There were 5 sets of hands doing this and it went quickly.

Build your cake bottom layer. You can see we had a big area to cover. Next time we’ll go with a wider bottom base layer and not so vertical with the diaper cake.

Tie twine around the layer to hold it all together. Just keep tier by tier building your diaper cake with the wrapped diapers.

 If you need to make it wider in places you can get creative like we did with the diaper cake building.
My friend, B, had her two oldest kids, daughters ages 9 and 10 helping us which was great fun and they were a huge help. We cut lengths of ribbon and pinned them in the back of the cake to cover the twine and rubberbands.

Then we used our bee decorations to finish our baby bee diaper cake! My friend Brenda, her husband and family are honey bee farmers. She provided bee decorations and the fresh honey. My friend Sonia’s husband also works in the honey bee business and Sonia added more decorations. My friend Amanda and I also spent an hour after work finding all bee decorations on sale in “seasonal” at Hobby Lobby. A very helpful sales lady cruised the store finding us all the cute decorations we could have never found. We also found bee print fabric that was 30% off plus an additional 40% with a coupon.

It was a collaborative busy bee diaper cake making success.

Our cake topper was a bee watering can filled with yellow carnations.

The finished diaper cake was carefully moved by my husband and me to our church basement. It was a hit and a perfect centerpiece and gift for our baby bee shower.

The cake was tall and it was our first attempt. We’ll definitely be making diaper cakes for future local babies but probably on a smaller scale. It was fantasticly fun project. One lady walked into the shower and from a distance asked who made that amazing cake and she couldn’t wait to try it. Our pastor had to tell her it was made from diapers and we weren’t eating it. We’ll chalk that up to diaper cake success.


  1. You guys made an enormous diaper cake AND it came out so cute! I do love the bee theme.

  2. what a cute theme and diaper cake!! i made one a long time ago…they are so fun! not so much folding all the diapers though.

    happy weekend!

  3. what an awesome diaper cake! LOVE IT! AND…I LOVE THE THEME!


  4. Oh wow is that a 7 tiered cake? Thats pretty crazy!

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