Baby shower ideas for the (un)crafty

Today along with a few friends and our pastor I am helping host a baby shower for a local friend who had a baby in January. It is she and her husband’s third child but she’s never had a baby shower before so a group of us thought throwing a proper baby showering of love and gifts was needed.

I went to Pinterest for a few new ideas. If you are missing out on the Pinterest craze, read this article titled, Pinterest: The Last Article You’ll Ever Need or Want to Read. 

Now there is something I have learned in life. Don’t pretend to be someone or something you are not. In junior high I wanted to be like everyone else. But I was 6 inches taller than everyone else. I stuck out and it made me extremely uncomfortable. High school wasn’t much better. It wasn’t until my late 20’s I figured out how to be comfortable in my own skin. And no woman that I know is completely and utterly comfortable and confident in who they are, no matter what the stage of life is.  But I am light years ahead of where I was in awkward junior high. Thank goodness. What does this have to a baby shower you are wondering by now? I am not crafty. I can’t pretend to be. I am not. I love Pinterest for new ideas. It’s inspiring but what I am about to show you…I probably could not do by myself. But a few ideas did inspire me enough to buy supplies and at least attempt ideas…with help.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

This is one of my favorites I found. Definitely a baby girl gift I am going to…have my sister make sometime with me.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

If it only involves folding and tying I could probably handle this one which again is extremely cute.

Simple yet inviting decor.

I make peppermint bark at Christmas and I could probably handle making baby shower bark for a special treat.

But what really inspired me to be crafty in my “pinning” on Pinterest were the diaper cakes…
I loved the “bee” theme of this cake and decided to go with a bee theme for the baby shower today.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

But it was this cake that actually gave me the directions of what to buy for supplies and overall direction…

Did I mention I am not crafty? After I had a case of 186 diapers and had raided Hobby Lobby of anything that had a bee on it along with our local drug sore to buy small baby items like baby wash, lotion and rattles, I panicked. I couldn’t do this myself could I? I reached to friends on Facebook for direction. I read the tutorial blog I had found. Then a few loyal friends called and texted…

and showed up to help their (un)crafty friend. My husband also recognized my nervous (un)crafty self, making two trips to our family lumberyard to get me supplies. We had a solid base and frame. Then we folded 186 diapers.

The diaper cake building began with helping hands. I will show you finished product photos this week with other baby bee shower captures. Until then…I am a humbled (un)crafty woman, inspired by those of you who are.

Are you a craft project diva or consider yourself (un)crafty?

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  1. OMG those are ADORABLE! I almost wish I had a baby shower upcoming to do one. Looks like fun and so totally cute. Now off to see what that other site is you mentioned.

  2. I love the sharing of ideas on Pinterest. It is a regular favorite place to check for ideas. Nice shower ideas you found! Looking forward to seeing your completed project!

  3. I’ve been reading over and enjoying your lovely family photos in older posts. This one though I was intruiged quite what is rolled up inside those cones. They look very sweet..

  4. Those are super cute. I’m not exactly crafty myself. I try, but my stuff doesn’t turn out like this 😉

  5. really nice to read your ideas with perfect pictures and stuffs.
    thanks for sharing!

  6. That cake looks so gorgeous! Definitely one of the best ones I have seen! Well done you!

  7. Sheer professionalism and dedication! The Baby Shower Invitations ideas are too refreshing!

  8. I love love love the ice cream idea!

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