Why I don’t bake very often…

I spent this afternoon baking and was reminded why I don’t bake very often. It takes too much time…and patience. I’m a novice at best. But I will share with you the tips and tricks of banana bread later this week. Yes, I know, basic banana bread but really between Twitter, Facebook and mixing up a few recipes I searched and found, I have finally found a winner of a moist and yummy basic banana bread.

 Along with 2 loaves of banana bread, I also made 54 muffins and 2 loaves of this healthy recipe from my blogger friend Robyn of Ranch Wife Chronicles. She lives on the prairies of South Dakota. I added honey, pineapple and pumpkin to the recipe. We’ll be enjoying Morning Muffins all winter as I am freezing a few bags of them to have on hand. The kids and my husband can eat them each morning. They’ll be my “go to” breakfast on my commute to “The Capitol” as I now say aka booming Bismarck. Baking I learned makes little mouths happy as I saw tonight…

Post bath, hair uncombed but pajamas on and ready for a snack, Miss E loved the banana bread. Miss A ate every last crumb of her warm banana bread bedtime snack.

The North Dakota prairie was so warm today that Nathan actually took the girls to the “city” (very small town) park while I baked. I heard on the radio this is the warmest winter on record.

No snow has made my transition of driving to and from work smooth. But I will be worried if we don’t get moisture by spring for our farmers. Regardless, we have been trekking across the snow free prairie at least a few nights a week for basketball games and the unseasonable warm weather has made it easy to enjoy.

There were two tough losses last week for our boys and then an early morning Saturday win. Hunter sprained his ankle on Friday night but through a lot of ice, pain killer and tape decided to play in the Saturday morning game in Bismarck. We won 58-55 against…the
Holsteins. Yes Holsteins as in black and white dairy cows. We played the New Salem Holsteins. Salem Sue overlooks the interstate as you pass the rural town of New Salem. And what does Salem Sue really remind me of? 
It’s not basketball. It’s butter. 
Because butter is one the reasons I bake. It might not be often but when I bake, there is butter. And butter makes everything better. Just ask Miss A!
Are you a baker? I’m trying to be in the new year. It’s wholesome and good. It’s gives us a homemade snack or breakfast to have on hand. But time and patience…to bake, I’m working on it. And did I mention I hate cleaning up the kitchen? That too…I’m working on it. Tips to share? Easy things to bake? Share away. I need help and motivation.

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  1. definitely NOT a baker (or cook). thought you were posting a recipe, so almost didn’t scroll down on your post! love the holstein! glad hunter’s ankle is okay!

  2. I like to substitute a cup of almond or peanut butter for one of the sticks in chocolate chip cookies. It adds a little something without being too overpowering or too sweet, which of course, makes it easier to gobble up more!

  3. I love to bake and always have, possibly because my mom used to bake a lot and still does regularly. In 4-H, I did baking ever year. I currently have cake batter cookies and reese’s bars in my kitchen that I made recently.

    I love that New Salem sports teams are the Holsteins. I always enjoy passing Salem Sue on I-94.

  4. I’m not a good baker, either; but I loved your post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to bake and find that even when things do not turn out so pretty, my kids gladly eat it anyway!

  6. You know I love to bake! My tip is to reuse as many dishes as possible… so you don’t end up with a sink full!!

    I love that you played the Holsteins!!

  7. I have always been a baker. Learned to bake from my mother and then continued through 4-H and into my life as a farmwife and mother. My kids are grown now but they still love to have homemade goodies when they come home. Both son and daughter try to bake when they have time. Have you seen the new Little Debbie commercial? Apparently stocking your pantry with little debbie snacks has been a generational thing. Keep baking….your kids and your husband really do appreciate it! I have a picture of my daughter at about age 4 standing on a chair running the handmixer while helping me bake. It is a great thing for the kids to help with!

  8. I love baking for others. Banana bread/muffins are one of my favourites. I have lots of recipes posted on my blog if you’re looking for more. And I love that cow – I have a thing for cows! 🙂

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