Wind Tower Sunrise Hope

Welcome to my sanctuary of solitude. If I stopped for every sunrise and sunset I watch on the prairie, I wouldn’t get anywhere. There are a lot miles in between…anywhere on the prairie. But the skyline is my reward for the miles driven. It’s like no other I have ever known.

Tonight as I drove home from the airport I stopped for a split second sunset photo on my phone. But these wind tower sunrise captures came early last Saturday morning as Miss E and I drove together. We pulled over on the side of the highway. I opened my car door with the camera in hand and just took it all in…the crisp air, the silence, the skyline, the sunrise and Miss E saying “whoa Mama look at the sky!”

North Dakota has been in the national news headlines recently. It’s the land of opportunity with a growing economy and jobs for anyone who wants to work. I would add the sunrises and sunsets are bonuses to those of us willing to live out here on the last frontier of tranquility. It’s not for everyone but it gives me hope that America has future where wind towers dot the prairie scape in between rural areas as small businesses boom with oil booming in between fields of grains and pastures of cattle.

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  1. Looks just like my backyard, so I know how incredibly striking these towers can be in the right light! Great pics!

  2. those are gorgeous!

    i thought of you as i watched those news reports on NBC about N Dakota. I only wish more housing was available up there – for the workers coming in for the energy work; for the workers coming in for the continued flood efforts; for the displaced families affected in Minot…

  3. I absolutely love how blessed we are with such beautiful sunrises and sets. Last nights sunset was amazing and I didn’t have my camera. Even though my memory card is already filled with many sunsets!

  4. Wow, what amazing skies! I think wind towers are neat, but so many people are fighting against getting more in our area. 🙁

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