Lutheran Basement Ladies Serve Pie

Miss E has learned an important lesson this summer while joining the ranks of Lutheran basement ladies.
You see Lutheran ladies serve pie…

in the small town basement…of a church or community auditorium to raise money for their local church programs. Specifically, for Sundahl Lutheran, in Aneta, North Dakota, the ladies raise money for their women’s group.
The deal is if you bake pie and bring it, you don’t have to work at the pie stand. The church serving groups have different times to work. This year my mom recruited my sister, Miss E and me to work alongside of her in the basement of the Aneta, North Dakota auditorium. Plus Grandma Nola visited when she brought her pies.
Miss E learned from me to seek out the pies that have Grandma Nola’s writing on them. 
My mom showed her how to cut them and serve the Lutheran ladies’s pies.
The pie stand opened for business and I had to take money. Miss E took ahold of the camera to capture
me in my money taking chair and 
my mom with her best Lutheran lady pie serving smile.
By the finger pointing Miss E was doing and strong instructions she gave, I think she is well on her way to being able to take the Lutheran ladies pie baking and serving torch someday to carry on this small town tradition. 
What’s a favorite tradition you remember and love from your childhood?
(And do you serve pie like the Lutheran ladies in your town?)


  1. Wow. I totally need some pie now.

  2. oh, i’d be embarrassing myself going back for 2nds and 3rds and…

  3. Awwww… you bring back such good memories of the Lutheran Ladies Aid at my childhood church. They had bake sales, breakfasts, and served lunch at funerals. They were the queens of the church basement kitchen!

  4. Dang! There’s a whole lotta pie going on in North Dakota! I’m envious!
    Good job on the photo taking Miss E.!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a Miss A would loves to make and eat pies and would fit in nicely with this operation!!!! She has commented from reading the Griggs Dakota blog she would love to be with Ms. Jane when she makes all her pies for the field tour day! Happy 4th of July!!! Dorine

  6. Your post reminds me of why I love pie!! :-))

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