When The Kids Find Spring Mud

It’s been a long, long winter. The kids are ready for Spring whether it is has arrived on the prairie or not. 
Yesterday they dug out their new water boots and were determined to go out to play. 
I suggested we stay on our tiny bit of cement around the house.
But Anika ventured quickly into the new found Spring prairie mud.
Elissa quickly jumped off her bike to follow into the mud.
They stomped and splashed with glee, releasing their pent up energy from being indoors.
Uncle Joe was there to recover Anika went she truly found Spring mud.
It wasn’t as fun as it looked. But after a thorough clean up inside and a clean and dry jacket, we ventured back outside for round two. 
The season of Spring mud is upon us on the prairie which only means one thing: We are getting closer to the real thing. And that is Spring with out mud!
What’s your favorite sign of Spring?


  1. Nothing as fun as MUD to play in! Glad you’re thawing out on your frozen tundra!

  2. That is SO cute!!! Let ’em get dirty! Farming in it’s earliest stages. 🙂

  3. So cute!! I bet they had a great time. I know i would have 🙂 So glad you visited Verde Farm. Love your blog and hope you will join us for Farm Friend Friday. I usually post on Thursday evening and leave it up all weekend. Look forward to blogging with you!

  4. They are so sweet and cute, what’s a little mud. My favorite sign of spring is when there is no mud.

  5. Cute! Why do kids love soo much!

  6. one more thing…

    just passed the stylish blog award your way if you’d like it!!

    glad i found your blog!!!

    we live 32 miles on a bumpy road carved into the side of mountains with the river below from our mailbox…so i know all about living rural! 🙂

  7. LOVE it!! I love that the snow is melting and that in my flower beds I can see some green coming up. . . nothing too big, but it gives me hope that Spring is on the way!!!

  8. You need to get the girls waterproof kids’ bibs from Uddertech. They are amazing. Tough, waterproof and best part you can just hose off the kids. This is what I do with the boys 😉
    After this weeks weather, I want the mud back…. sick of snow.

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