Winter house arrest is over

Brutal winters lead to spring which leads to flooding and mud. Cool temperatures continue and we always hold out for April sunshine to warm our frozen tundra. Spring is not official on the prairie until it is finally warm enough for us to break free of winter house arrest. 
Anika has been too little to get outside much in the cold weather. Elissa has limited outside time but since about January in depths of below zero brutal winter, she has been asking to go to the park. We always told her “when the snow is gone”. 
This week that moment has happened for the girls.
E looked out the window and said “the no is gone! Time to go to the park!” 
With the exception of a snowbank near where the ice skating rink was, the snow is gone. Anika experienced her first swinging as we have spent three of the past four evenings at the park.
Anika giggled with delight on her first swing ride with Hunter pushing her.
Someone else celebrated breaking free from winter house arrest and loved swinging just as much as her sister.
Riding on Barney with Daddy is also quite fun. Miss E shouts “Hee haw Barney” when she jumps on the purple dinosaur.
The high temperatures today reached into the 60’s and may spike into the 70’s this weekend. Above average warmth for early April and we will take it. It means we get to put away our winter coats for at least six months. 
Tonight for the first time we loaded both girls into the bike cart that is also a double stroller.
Nathan calls it their chariot. Tonight we charioted to Nana and Gpa’s house and will be doing that until our next winter house arrest begins again in the fall. For now we are loving the outdoors and spring!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay for spring on the prairie! If your girls are anything like my boys, it’s a lot more work getting them back into the house than it was getting them out!

    Jen S

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