New hiding spot

Eldon, my father in law, made a fantastic shelf that swings up out of a large cupboard and locks for my mixer. And Elizabeth discovered the cupboard when empty is a fantastic hiding spot and place to play. She can figure how to get into things but not get out/down. After falling out of it twice onto the ceramic floor (not forgiving) and frantically wanting to get back in..she decided to just stay in there. She slowly reached out and grabbed her ball she was playing with on the floor. She was in there until her daddy and brother came home which is the smile of delight you see.
A little uneasy at this point…Elissa’s full sentence would have been “MOMMY help me. I don’t know how to get out of here and the last two times I tried I nose dived onto the floor.”
Safety concerned mothers please ignore the electrical cord hanging behind her head…she didn’t touch it or play with it.

Suddenly climbing in and out of the cupboard is not the only fun thing but now it is a good play place.

WHOO HOO I figured out I can stand up in here.
Oh I hear somebody coming…
Hey Daddy and Hunter found me!

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