Ginger Garlic and Buffalo Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Recipes

With Super Bowl weekend coming right up the starving like a pack of wolves teenager of our house and I decided to experiment with two recipes for homemade chicken wings. We made a fabulous Buffalo Oven Fried Chicken Wings Recipe and a huge hit of Ginger Garlic Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe. It was an easy […]

For Your Easy Brunch: Go-To Ham Egg Bake

        In the midst of chaos on the weekends, you’ll often find me in the kitchen on a Saturday night making an easy egg bake with ham and cheese. Egg bake recipes are often similar and I have modified many times over to figure out what works best so they aren’t runny, […]

The Best Christmas Party Punch Recipe

What’s a party without punch? At a friend’s house I had a glass of the best punch I have ever tasted. She told me it was just a recipe she had come across online. I Googled “party punch” and found it. I called my friend to confirm the ingredients. Indeed, I had found the recipe. Miss E […]