#CraveGod In #Peace While Defining Who You Are

welcome home katie 1993

It wasn’t intentional that I haven’t blogged over the past week. Since last Thursday I have been on three different airlines in five cities and home in between and then weather sent me home again due to a cancelled flight, only for me to get the flu. The real flu. Like nothing I have ever […]

How To Skate With Confidence Into The New Year

Skate with confidence

Our daughters were given new ice skates for Christmas. Then my mom quickly ordered them “trainers” to help the girls learn to skate with confidence. Even the trainer tool isn’t enough though at times. They still need their daddy as back-up. When I snapped these photos tonight, from the behind the lens, I realized skating […]

1295 Posts Later: 6 Reasons Of Why I (Still) Blog

Katie_Pinke of The Pinke Post

Six years ago today I was a bit lonely on the North Dakota prairie. I was  nine months pregnant and nervous about having a baby at a hospital 100 miles away in a frigid December. Six months earlier, my husband had jumped off the corporate wheel, leaving the comforts of a cushy paycheck and benefits […]