“P” Week Kindergarten Field Trip

Helping at her family business

Each week in kindergarten, Miss E has a letter of the week. It’s a random order they follow. You never know what the letter is going to be for the following week until you get the Friday newsletter from Mrs. T. Much to Miss E’s delight, last week was “P” week. P is for Pinke,…

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A Harvest Pick-Up From Grandpa

Wheat field girl

“I think I see Grandpa Fred driving down to the road!” -Miss E “I don’t see him! I’m cold. I’m going back to the Suburban.” -Miss A “It IS him!” “Hooray! We’re going to the farm!” (Scroll down to see Elizabeth’s pure glee that Grandpa Fred was on his way.)

35 North Dakota Sunrises and Sunsets of 2013


Wide open spaces on the North Dakota prairie completely and utterly captivate me, particularly at sunrise and sunset. I pull over when driving. I run out into fields. I take screens off our second story windows. I stand onto top of our pick-up. I even crawled out my son’s bedroom window onto our garage roof…

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