Why Agriculture and Food Education Makes A Difference For Kids

Ag Class Zucchini Relish

Today, rather than add to my 42 draft blog posts that I have yet to finish, I am going to tell you what happened at lunch at our house over the noon hour and not just leave it to myself in a drafts folder.  This happened. Look at the below picture.  A jar of relish […]

7 Things About A Teenager’s Background Footage


Our oldest child and only son, Hunter, recently celebrated his 17th birthday. I was sappy, a little sad at the speed of life but mostly reflective. The highlight reel of his life has been running through my head, along with the background footage, as my friend Holly calls it—the moments we live out but never […]

Glamping With Four Generations of North Dakotans

The Pinke Post

It’s going to take me four days to recover from a three-day celebrating weekend. Anyone else feel this way? But what memories are you taking with you? I thought about it early this morning over a cup of coffee and the memories from this weekend will stick with our kids and family for decades to […]