A Joyous December To Celebrate

7th Birthday

You aren’t busy at all this month are you? I know for many the schedule is full. For others this time of year brings loneliness and missing loved ones. No matter where you are at, I hope you find time to celebrate Advent and Christmas in your local community, with family, friends, neighbors, at a […]

109th Birthday Party & Five Generations of North Dakota Women

IrisBday (1 of 1)

How many of us can say we have five generations of family living all within driving distance? Very few. It’s a special, living legacy gift and one that we have in our family that starts with our Great Aunt Iris, who never married and is my late great-grandfather Odin’s sister. We are Iris’s family. She […]

Why Agriculture and Food Education Makes A Difference For Kids

Ag Class Zucchini Relish

Today, rather than add to my 42 draft blog posts that I have yet to finish, I am going to tell you what happened at lunch at our house over the noon hour and not just leave it to myself in a drafts folder.  This happened. Look at the below picture.  A jar of relish […]