Under-Promising, Over-Delivering: A Lesson In Pre-School At Home

Skating rink melted

In the busyness of the season, blogging has taken a back seat lately. Along with a host of other things in my life, I am guilty of over-promising and under-delivering. It is my own pet peeve. I feel behind at times, like I can’t keep up but yet at other times I thrive in this […]

The Need For Family Vacations

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Is there a need for families to take vacations together? My parents used to take my siblings and me on family vacations. We traveled by a 1976 Winnebago, by mini-van, by train and plane at different times. Often the trips were planned around visiting relatives, seeing historical landmarks or sights, visiting National Parks with a […]

A Tribute To Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Birthday Boy


St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just an Irish celebration for us. It’s Nathan’s birthday. My non-social media husband won’t be getting messages on Facebook or Twitter today. But I am here with a flood of photos of him from the past year to reflect on all that he means to us. And we are spending a […]