Cooking Giveaway: 2 Lodge Cast-Iron Dutch Ovens

It’s nearly holiday cooking season and if you read Jodene Shaw’s feature on the Women in Agriculture series, you know I am sharing my favorite Lodge Cast-Iron Dutch Ovens with two fabulous folks this weekend. Not the actual ones in my kitchen that I cook with just about daily. New in the box, just for you, purchased by me from our family owned lumberyard. There’s a 6 quart red one and a 7.5 quart blue one. The enamel coating cooks and cleans beautifully. Both are BIG and ready to host a family gathering or two or fifty. Or if you win and aren’t a cast-iron cook in the kitchen, you have yourself a fantastic gift to share! Enter below with multiple entry options. 

Comment below with an answer to “What is your center of your life?” No wrong answers. My faith and family is the center of my life on the North Dakota prairie. Cooking for them and eating together is a big part of our conversation time together. And let’s be honest? Laundry is also at the center of my life.

Enjoy! I’ll announce winners early Monday morning on my Facebook page.  

Blue 7qt Porcelain Enamel Coated Cast-Iron Dutch Oven
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  1. Working on finding my center.. but as I move through more seasons in life, I get closer to realizing what it is that drives me and guides me!

  2. My family is the center. And I too love to cook & bake for them!

  3. Susan Kinzler says:

    My husband and my kids are the center of my life.

  4. Sandi Knight says:

    The center of my life – husband, children, family, friends – and gathering in our kitchen is where memories are made.

  5. My husband has a great quote in his office which sums it up well: Faith, Family, Friends, Baseball!

  6. Alecia Dukart says:

    The center of my life is my family, friends, and livestock. With out the combination of the three life wouldn’t be complete. Weather having a bad or good day they all support you everyday. Another important thing is cooking I love cooking and making new family memories around food.

  7. My family- although the center is getting bigger as kids move out and marry. The changes are bittersweet but I love seeing them grow up into great people

  8. Our family and raising our kids to be respectful, kind, caring, honest and to love Jesus. And since it’s that time of year, it’s a good thing hockey provides many teachable moments to help us with this πŸ™‚

  9. It seems to a constant change of motion, but definitely my family is the focal point. Along with supporting all that we are involved in that is all associated with agriculture in our rural area along with at a national level.

  10. my girls, 3.5 and almost 5, everything revolves around them!

  11. Faith, Family and Friends….and wine. πŸ™‚

  12. Karen Corrigan says:

    My kids

  13. My family is the center of my life. Faith and vocation are as well.

  14. Family is the center to my life,, they are there to share in all the goodness that God has given us,, as well as those times of sadness, as we share our memories of those that are no longer with us.. We work together, play together,, and are there for each other. As we sit around our table the words flow freely, and we all get a glimps of each others lives..

  15. Katherine.mclaen says:

    Farming as a family!

  16. I would have to go with my faith and family too!

  17. Farm family faith

  18. Jesus, My husband, and family, and close friends are the centers of my world! And they make my world a better place!

  19. Marianne Barta says:

    Faith, Family & my quilting:)

  20. Caroline K. says:

    family is at the center. they keep me spinning so I feel dizzy !!! πŸ™‚

  21. Olivia Stenvold says:

    So many thing going on in my life, it is easy to get distracted by all the “stuff” going on. At the end of the day my family is what brings me the most joy. I have 2 healthy beautiful rambunctious children.

  22. Kelly Kepp says:

    My center is Faith and Family.

  23. Megan Sprague says:

    I would like to say that Jesus and my family is at the center of my life every day, but honestly, I think that that’s really difficult and doesn’t always happen, sometimes I’m selfish, and I make it about myself- I keep trying though!

  24. jessica dow says:

    My kids and my husband and God are my center.

  25. My sons , cooking, and sewing are at the center of my life.

  26. I can use one of these! I don’t have one and needed one last week.

  27. My faith in Christ is my center; immediately following are my husband, my 10-mo. old daughter and our cattle business.

  28. Wherever my husband is, I am centered.

  29. The center of my life is my family. They keep me grounded but also encouraged to keep living and loving life!

  30. The center of my life would be my husband and kids. They are what makes everyday worth living for.

  31. My Kids and family. And driving. 40 mile commute one way for school and home games are an hour away. When i am home I love to cook for my family and Katie your right the best conversation is around the table.

  32. Linda Dodds says:

    My family has been my center and I am so thankful for my kids.

  33. Faith and Family

  34. Faith and Family, which when celebrating both is surrounded by Food!

  35. Kristen Vetter says:

    my center…………first is my God and then is my husband. When I need to refocus, I either recite a prayer or call my husband. I also LOVE being in my house on my farm!

  36. I would agree that my family and faith are my center. I continue to work on myself being included in that as well. As mom, we often feel the need to take care of everyone else. I have working on being more dedicated to eat healthier and exercise more over the last year, especially! Feels good. When mama’s happy, everyone’s happier too! πŸ˜‰

  37. Becky Schnabel says:

    My husband, daughter, and our soon -to-be little one πŸ˜‰

  38. My son is the center of my life. He is a great kid!!! Love him dearly,

  39. Family!!

  40. Faith, family, friends, and food.

  41. My family and faith are my center. They fill my cup more than anything!

  42. Stacie Anderson says:

    Definitely my family, especially my husband!

  43. My family and home are the center of my life.

  44. My faith is my center here on the rolling plains of Nebraska. My vocation is my marriage & family. I usually have a pot simmering or a pan roasting & would love, love, love to win one of these beauties!

  45. Definitely my family, and I love how food brings our family together. I am currently waiting for gingerbread cookies to set so I’ll have a freezer full when all our out of state cousins come at Christmas time. ps. I that Jolene has a turquoise Pinterest board!

  46. Bobby Reis says:


  47. The centre of my life? Food. When I’m prepping three healthy, hearty meals a day for my family it means my schedule is in check (I’m not working too much and serving them frozen pizza three times a week!) and my priorities are in balance. If my family’s health is taken care of first, everything else seems to fall into place!!

  48. melissa bartholomaus says:

    My family and God are definitely the center of our lives.

  49. My family is the center – my hubby and our baby girl!

  50. Chrissie Finn says:

    My family and their happiness is the my center of everything.

  51. God is the center of my life.

  52. Faith and family.

  53. Family

  54. My Family!

  55. God is the center of my life!

  56. Jeremy St. Aubin says:

    My Family.

  57. What is your center of my life? Serenity as inspired by 12-Step Living!

  58. Being mom. Everything else is part time!

  59. Family and boyfriend.

  60. Lindsay Chichester says:

    My family and friends are center of my life! And drinking wine and laughing with them πŸ™‚

  61. Kristin Fish says:

    Faith and family

  62. Faith and family (can I pick 2?)

  63. troy hadrick says:

    God and family. Easy answer.

  64. Annette Willis says:

    Nothing more important than people – my family!!

  65. Kristi Entzi says:

    My family Is the center of my universe

  66. The center of my life is God, family and my farm animals. Love those pesky critters!

  67. Family and friends!

  68. Faith and Family!

  69. First is God then family

  70. Love and laughter are the center of my life! My family and friends fill me with both!

  71. Jesus Christ my personal savior 1st and my crazy wonderful family. Gathering together ALWAYS involves food and laughter!

  72. Jenn McReynolds says:

    Family and our farm!

  73. My family is deceased and I don’t have pets at the moment, so I’d have to say friends, especially my bestie.

  74. family and service to others

  75. Amanda Walth says:

    My kids!

  76. Faith, family and the farm! Nothing else matters!

  77. heather hackbarth says:

    My children Are the center of my life.

  78. Faith and Family!

  79. Family

  80. Love (which includes family & friends)

  81. Melissa L. says:

    God and family is my center of life. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  82. Rebekah Headings says:

    Faith, family, farming!

  83. Ha! Laundry. Yes. That and my kids. They are inseparable. A couple other thoughts. 1 – I have always wanted a Dutch Oven. 2 – If my husband saw that I had typed that phrase, my life would be horrendous 3- It would be the MOST awesome if I won this and you delivered it because you have yet to meet Ella Jayne. That is all. Mwah.

  84. God is the center for me!! πŸ™‚

  85. The center of my life is my wife. She’s currently in the other room planning her thanksgiving day menu and black Friday doin shopping plan.

  86. Family and Faith

  87. My Husband and my dogs!

  88. Andrea fox says:

    Right now, life revolves around breastfeeding.

  89. Kim Thompson says:

    Our kitchen is the center of my life. It’s where our family gathers, our employees come in to enjoy their morning cup of coffee, and where some of my best memories are had

  90. Sarah Smith says:


  91. My FamilY

  92. My family

  93. Ginna Rybolt says:

    Friends and family! ….and my dog πŸ™‚

  94. Rachel Steadmon says:

    ‘My two boys πŸ™‚

  95. Jake Cecil says:

    Family, Friends, Faith, Farming

  96. Family and our family is the center of my universe!

  97. The center of my life is God and family!

  98. Lisa Wilson says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the center of my life, and all good gifts come from the Father above. The gift of my family is truly a blessing!

  99. Katana Ewbank says:

    Family — both blood and found!

  100. Zach Niebuhr says:

    My faith, music, sports, and food (cooking and eating it)

  101. JoAnne Smaaladen says:

    God, Family and Friends are the center of my life.

  102. Angela Harrison says:


  103. God and family (both two and four footed)

  104. Brenda Swenseth says:

    My faith, my family, and being helpful and kind to others.

  105. Felicia Sampson says:

    Seems as though my center flounders and im off in many directions at any given notice. But i always come back to my family for strength. Where would we be if we didn’t have family


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