Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies Holiday Baking $40 Giveaway (TWO winners!)

Molasses Spice Cookies from Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies

Molasses Spice Cookies from Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies

(This giveaway is now closed.)

I have a secret. Last year, I did not do my own holiday baking. I didn’t feel one bit guilty. It was a hectic season with every weekend booked with Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases across North Dakota in my former job, our son’s basketball games, Christmas programs, concerts, a business open-house, a customer party at our house and a daily three-hour commute. But I served and shared beautiful and tasty holiday baking with family, friends, neighbors and teachers. 

Fattigmand from Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies

Fattigmand from Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies

I even had traditional Scandinavian baking like my ancestors made. Oh, my mom and grandma make them too. But I didn’t. Yet it looked like I did.

Do you want in on my secret? My mom baked for me. I know, she’s amazing. But here is the other part of the secret: I bought baked goods at Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases from my friend Sonja of Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies from Mohall, North Dakota. You can order online and have them shipped to your door. There are numerous delicacies that you might remember from traditional family Christmas gatherings and so much more. All of Sonja’s baking is made from wholesome ingredients. Heavy cream. Real butter. Whole roasted nuts. And baked fresh in small batches in her commercial kitchen in Mohall, North Dakota before shipping to you. Put them on a pretty plate, throw a little flour on your face and your holiday baking is complete.

Scottish Shortbread from Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies

Scottish Shortbread from Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies

What started out as a holiday project to make a little extra money in 1989 by making her grandma’s recipes as well as other time-honored cookies, candies and desserts has grown into a full-fledged baking and confectionary business for Sonja. She still uses family recipes handed down from her Scandinavian grandmother as well as other tasty, time-honored recipes.

Mohall is 250 miles from my prairie home but I am someday going to make the trip to visit The Prairie Bistro that Sonja owns and operates along with her catering business and baking shop. If you are nearby, you can purchase Sonja’s homemade baking in Minot, November 16-17 and in Bismarck, December 6-8 at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases. Gifts by Dakota Style at the Fargo Pride of Dakota Showcase is also stocking Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies November 22-24. 

If you want Sonja’s treats delivered to your door, you can enter now for a holiday baking giveaway!

Sonja is donating TWO gifts of 1/2 pound sea salt caramels, 1 dozen shortbread and 1 dozen Molasses Spice cookies to lucky winners this holiday season! Each gift is a $40 value, including shipping to your door. 

Just comment below with the name of your favorite holiday baked good, candy or treat to enter this giveaway before Thursday night, November 14th, 2013. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 15, 2013 on this blog. Please be sure you include your email address when you comment so I can contact you if you are a winner.

For additional entries, let me know in your comment if you have “liked” my Facebook page, Sonja’s Facebook page and/or pinned one to three of Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies from this post or her website on Pinterest and/or place an order with Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies this month. Each gives you an additional entry to win the giveaway! Limit 7 total entries per person. We operate on the honor system around here so please be sure to let me know in your comment how many entries you have.  

Can you smell the box of Sonja’s goodies arriving at your door now?

Creamy Caramels Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies

Creamy Caramels Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies

I can and what I would do to have a caramel in my mouth, right now. Comment now with your favorite holiday baked good, candy or treat to enter, order from Sonja this holiday season to save yourself some time and support a small, rural business. 

Pride of Dakota

Myself, Vivian of Vivian’s Magnetic Bracelets and Sonja, at Pride of Dakota in Fargo, November 2012

No fancy disclosures. I love sharing North Dakota giveaways with you and Sonja generously offered these two giveaways. Thank you, Sonja for being a loyal and long-time reader of this blog, a fabulous rural North Dakota business owner, for making me a sane mother during the holiday season with your fantastic baking and for your generous and kind spirit. 


  1. Our family can’t have Christmas without “reindeer droppings” aka oreo cream cheese balls dipped in almond bark, cut-out sugar cookies, and homemade fudge!

  2. Laurie Dietz says:

    I love Krum Kaka! A close second fav would be spritz cookies!

  3. Laurie Dietz says:

    Oh yes – I have Liked your Facebook page too! 🙂

  4. Lois J. Bates says:

    Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies are my all-time favorite holiday treat. Mom used to let me help her make them, but I always disliked having to let the dough chill overnight! I wanted the cookies right away.

  5. Christina Fontaine says:

    Peanut brittle. We always get a group together and make peanut brittle for the holidays. We stretch it so it’s super thin and melts in your mouth. (I like your Facebook page too) 🙂

  6. That’s tough. I have a terrible sweet tooth. My favorite is probably spritz cookies, but I also love gingersnaps, caramel corn, and lefse.

  7. Rachel McClain says:

    Good Ole Grandma’s Pfeffernüsse Cookies!!! Amazing!! 🙂

  8. Karen Corrigan says:


  9. Sonya Gross says:

    I went to summer Bible school with Sonja and I love her baked goodies! sandbakkels and krum kake are my favorites.

  10. I love Sonja’s. I tried some of their treats at the Pride of Dakota showcase last year and it was a blast. My favorite holiday treat is fudge and meringue cookies.

  11. Favorites include lefse, krum kake and carmels! And yes, I “liked” your Facebook page. However, that was many months ago 🙂

  12. Mmmmm our favorites are Peppernodder, little Danish spice cookies!

  13. RaeAnn Ellsworth says:

    Peanut butter Ritz cookies in chocolate almond bark.

  14. Bernadette Whetham says:

    My favorite holiday treat is Pfeffernusse cookies. My mom used to trade our piano teacher cookies for cream and eggs. I like your FB page and love to read your blog.

  15. RaeAnn Ellsworth says:

    Also liked Sonjas fb page.

  16. Kristi Sagsveen says:

    My husband and I have made KrumKage together for 45 years. He was taught by his Grandma Thora, from Lansford (very near Mohall). We use her wooden cone…her recipe is the best and we are reminded of her every Christmas when we bake them.

  17. My favorite baked thing at Christmas is a Birthday Cake for Jesus. It’s something my mom started as a tradition when we were little kids, and we’d re-enact the nativity as she read it from Luke. Then, we’d light the candles on the cake, sing happy birthday, and celebrate. It’s my favorite Christmas treat, for so many reasons.

  18. Spritz cookies are my favorite

  19. Cia Nelson says:

    I will have to say that my sister-in-laws decorated spritz cookies are one of my holiday favorites. I also love the caramels made from a recipe a friend shared with me. I “liked” your FB page, as well as Sonja’s page. Thanks for the sharing the info on her business. I went to her website and her goodies look wonderful. I hope to make it to the showcase here in Fargo and check out some of her items!

  20. Melissa S. says:

    Caramels! Soni’s are the best. I also like her FB page.

  21. Bernice Vetter says:

    Date drop cookies are my favorite at Christmas and Divinity

  22. Claudine M (Guttromson) Hanson says:

    I love fattigmand and krum kake. My grandmothers and mother made both. My sister and I made @ 400 krumkake the morning of my hot August wedding to serve at the reception.

  23. Mary Duletski says:

    Each Christmas I try to make Lefse that tastes as good as my Grandma Ruby’s and Spritz cookies that are as good as my Grandma Esther’s.

  24. Cinnamon Sugared walnuts, hands down. And oh yes, two entries please.

  25. Ida Marie Snorteland says:

    Pretty simple, I love fudge. Divinity too because it does not turn out for me.

  26. Gotta make my grandmother’s Peanut Butter Krispie Coconut Balls…yum! (Also like both fb pages = 3 entries total…thanks!)

  27. Alicia Pedemonti says:

    Desserts were never a big part of the holidays in my house. My parents would make a ridiculous amount of fudge and that was all. I LOVE fudge, probably because I love chocolate. Yum! Because I love baking and have a family of my own,, i’m sure that tradition will change. I like your Facebook page!

  28. Matia Gjellstad says:

    Krumkake! 🙂 my sister and I make it each year while my parents make the lefse!

  29. Matia Gjellstad says:

    I also liked your page, Sonya’s page, and shared this post. Glad that I found these gems tonight!

  30. Stacey Funk says:

    Creamy caramels but not just at Christmas time, year round. Sonja has done all my Christmas baking for years but she also does lots of my baking for the spring planting and harvest seasons as well. Her old fashioned cookies are perfect for those times of the year. My husband is a huge fan of Sonja’s licorice caramels. If you have not had Sonja’s carrot cake, you have not lived a complete life yet. 🙂 YUM!

  31. I have liked Soni’s page on FB, I have know her since I was a little girl.

  32. My favorite treat is Denny’s fudge. She uses my grandpa Denny’s recipe and it is a nice way to still have his treat around the holiday since he is no longer with is.

  33. Kim @ Kim's County Line says:

    It’s not Christmas without frosted sugar cookies (with almond extract in the icing, of course)! If (WHEN?) I win, please contact me at Maybe a little positive thinking will get me some delicious treats I don’t have to make myself. Here’s hoping!

  34. Linda Hauge says:

    My favorite holiday baked good is spritz cookies. It is always fun to get together with my mom and sister to make several of our holiday favorites.

  35. Linda Hauge says:

    I have known Sonja for several years and have liked her Facebook page for awhile now. I also enjoy reading her blog. Everything she makes is delicious!!

  36. Lefse is at the top – even though I don’t make it myself, frosted cut-out cookies, date-filled cookies, chocolate fudge.

  37. Roxy Henke says:

    My homemade fruitcake…really! No fruitcake jokes, please. Everyone who’s tasted it loves it. I think after this you need to have a reader-recipe send in. Some of these treats sound amazing!! And, you know I’ve “liked” your page.

  38. Betty Schneider says:

    Homemade turtles are my favorite followed by homemade caramel.

  39. arlene welk says:

    I always make soft sour cream cookies ,cut out in different Christmas shapes frosted with a cream cheese frosting.

  40. Well, your blog entry certainly reminds me of all the favorites my grandparents made when I was a little girl. Sadly, they are no longer with us and I need to those old favorites once again.

    I would have to say that Fattigmand is a favorite of mine. I remember my grandpa making them. I loved the light, flakey cookie – not too sweet, but just right.

    Mmm…thanks for the memories.

  41. Lefse is my favorite, but those carmels look wonderful.

  42. Betty Schneider says:

    I hav liked your page. I enjoy reading about the Women in Ag.

  43. I love anything my mom or gramdma makes. Fudge is one of my favorites!

  44. I continue the tradition of my Granny Staib every Christmas for 25 years now of baking her sour cream sugar cookies. I love the texture and still eat them without the frosting.

  45. I love the Dutch baked treats called gevulde coek. I made our family recipe for last year’s Thanksgiving party and got logs of compliments!

  46. Kelly Kepp says:

    Our favorite holiday treat is Oatmeal Fudge……Starts about Halloween and goes til Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity……

  47. Donna Eszlinger says:

    My favorite cookie for the holidays is the Date bars, my mom used to make them only at Christmas, because the price of Dates is so expensive,,, so it was the best treat ever,, they are made in a bar pan,, and have oatmeal, brown sugar, and flour as the crumble mixture for on top,, and were so thick that the dates oozed out,, Oh,, so good, and reminds me so of my mom, who has since passed away. Missing mom, but such sweet memories….. love you post on facebook

  48. I entered my favorite rest in a comment before. Here’s another entry. I like your FB page.

  49. I pinned 4 of her delicacies to my Pinterest board.

  50. I “liked” Sonja’s Facebook page.

  51. My absolute favorite are spritz cookies!

  52. I like it all!!!!!!! Oink”

  53. Sharing anything sweet … sweetens the holidays!

  54. Creamy Pralines are wonderful!!!

  55. Brooke Zimmerman says:

    I LOVE any kind of sweets, but I think my favorite is either lefsa (with butter & sugar, of course) or my mom’s peanut brittle!! Yum!! Thanks for sharing these giveaways!! =)

  56. My favorite holiday treat is my Grandmother’s English Toffee Bars – man do I miss her and those bars!

  57. Idella Vossler says:

    Throughout the years my favorites have changed…from a grandma treat, to aunts, to mom’s and mom in law’s…..and actually to some I have made….but the one constant is the memory of the wonderful smells in each house during the days leading up to and on the holiday ….. I’ll bet Sonja’s family and friends can relate…there is .nothing more inviting than coming in from the cold (no matter what the age) and smelling the distinct Holiday baking and cooking smells…oh the memories…!!!

  58. Sandbakkelse!

  59. Sara Thurn says:

    When I saw the Fattigman, I literally started drooling! I moved to German-Russian country, and they have no idea what I am doing when I make Lefse, etc… LOL!

  60. Oh… anyone who knows me knows my family deserves this because they have to put up with my cooking on a regular basis. And the only cookies I make for them come from a tub of pre-made cookie batter. Gosh I feel like an awful mom right now! 🙂
    When I was a little girl, my favorite holiday cookies were Lady Fingers. Not sure if they even exist anymore…

  61. Shelly Abernathey says:

    Creamy caramels are my favorite

  62. Linda Bruski says:

    I love chocolate dipped pretzels and peanut butter kiss cookies… Yum

  63. Bing bars

  64. want it all.

  65. Cathedral windows. My grandmother always made them. They are colored mini marchmellows rolled in melted chocolate blended with 10x sugar and crushed vanilla wafers rolled in coconut… Yum!

  66. Pumpkin pie with a glass of ice cold milk!

  67. I love it! I have 4 entries. Thanks!

  68. Caroline Derry says:

    My Mothers Divinity, and Dad loved to help her make it! They were always delighted when it turned out………..and Sonja’s creamy caramels with that little shake of sea salt, mmm mmm mmm!

  69. Betty King says:

    Christmas sugar cookies, anise pizzelles, Mexican wedding cookies, pecan cookies, cherry oatmeal cookiies or whatever goodies I decide to make or someone else makes! I have pinned so many recipes on Pinterest, I am not sure where I have pinned them from, but I do give credit to where I found the


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