Link Up Wordless Wednesday: Why I’m lovin’ the North Dakota prairie

I’ve been to a lot of track meets as a former athlete, coach and long time fan.
 But this was the first ever for our teenager. He threw farther than his goal was for his first meet. This former discus throwing mom was proud.
It brought back old discus memories. None of the memories involved cows.
But the teenager now thinks it is normal to throw with cows in the background at his track meets. He might be aiming for them. Maybe the cows make you throw farther?
These girls think throwing discus with cows is pretty cool. 
Sidenote: Can you tell which daughter lets me dress her and which daughter dresses herself? They are little sisters with style.
I love that our kids have grain bins and cows as the back drop to track meets…
 with small town drive-in ice cream to top off the day on the North Dakota prairie.
 I don’t love the flooded prairie roads home. 
But I love the North Dakota prairie for track meets in small towns with grain bins and cows.
What’s a favorite Spring outing for you? 
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  1. that is sweet. dairy queens and farms. love it!

  2. Yay, track season!! It looks like it’s finally getting warm your way.

  3. YIKES! Looks like you need to jack up the truck 😉 Our roads have water across them in places. We had more rain today. Unfortunately, Arkansas and Missouri are getting hit worse than us.

    Love your pics! I miss being a spectator out on the track. I was an awesome score keeper!

  4. New follower! What a lovely family you have. 🙂 Stop by my link up! Take care.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe all that flooding you guys get on the prairie! Is all that from the melt?! How exciting to see your oldest taking after mama:)

  6. Awww…this post made me think of growing up in Minot. I have great memories of living there and still keep in touch with those friends. Nice to see some “prarie” track meets happening. And, a little ice cream afterwards!

  7. yay for spring!! love the pics, looks like fun 🙂

  8. Fun photos. Thanks for stopping by and linking up today I just did the same. Have a great WW.

  9. Oh my gosh~ you make me want to visit! Heck, I want to pack up and MOVE there!! I don’t like flooding but heck, I’m from Charleston (SC) We flood every time someone cries!! 🙂 I can handle flooding…
    New follower! I can’t wait to see more pics!!

  10. Looks like a wonderful day! Greetings from Germany! Katja

  11. Well firstly I’ve got to say you are fast for getting to my post, before I got it linked up to your party. Secondly, I have to comment on that first picture. Is your oldest daughter letting the youngest daughter pick her nose? Because that’s kind of what it looks like. 🙂 (sorry just had to give you a hard time. their cute and I’m totallying digging the outfit of the one that you dress.)

  12. My mother in law lives in Hudson, SD and my husband is currently working in Vermillion — so we’re very familiar with our neighbor up north.

    Great photos — thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  13. Thanks, Katie!

  14. I love the cow in the background. 🙂

    Happy WW

    Shasher’s Life

  15. Well I have to say my favorite Spring event so far this season for us was going to Kentucky Down Under, a great place for little kiddos! Your photos are great, nothing wrong with some country scenery in the background!! I grew up with chicken farms, so I didn’t even notice them LOL

  16. I especially love the pictures of your daughters. Mine are the same way. Our 3 y.o. is often wearing rain boots, leggings, tutu, sweatshirt and sometimes my floppy hat. Nice post!

  17. your daughter’s a little cutie!

    your post made me think of an annual event at a town here in wisconsin called the cow chip throw. i don’t think i even need to explain it…

  18. looks like lots of great fun times going on would love to have you come over and see what I shared

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